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Student Room

In the student room you can spend time between different lectures or pop in for coffee and other drinks.

The student room P1-E0-314 is located directly to the right of the main entrance to the physics building. There you can talk to other members of the student body in a cosy atmosphere.

There you can buy drinks, which are much cheaper than in the cafeterias or at the vending machines. There is a coffee machine and two fridges with various soft drinks. You can find the current price list at the fridge's front.

The access rights for the student body room are currently primarily held by the members of the student council. If you want to have access to the room, write us an email. It is best if you also contact a member of the student council personally, so that we can get to know you. Prerequisite for access is the assistance at events of the student body and an agreement of the student council.

Please make sure that you leave the student room clean and tidy so that everyone else can use the room!